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J-Well Pilates Rehab Studio offers innovative rehab techniques as well as purely exercise based Pilates. Our studio evolved from traditional Physical Therapy, leveraging Pilates to teach the proper body movements we all require to live more active and pain free lives.

By critically diagnosing the body as a collective system, J-Well allows you to increase your activity level and finally address parts of the body that have been holding you back.

Regardless of age, gender or ability, J-Well is uniquely suited to help you re-think and re-learn your way to a more active lifestyle.

“Dr Cassie has an extraordinary ability to tease out the deep seated and often subtle sources of chronic issues. She is an excellent detective, both intuitive and well educated.”-Conny L.

“This is the single best thing I have ever done for myself in my life.”-Sara K.

“I am getting more and more comfortable every session and starting to feel normal in my own body for the first time in 4 years.” -Sara H.

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"I've always wanted to spend more time with patients and make more progress each day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to create J-Well in my own image and based on my own standards of care."

About Dr. Cassie Diamond

Dr. Cassie is originally from Wyoming and attended the University of Wyoming where she received her Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. She then earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Pacific University and went on to practice Physical Therapy while living in Portland before moving to Southern Oregon. Dealing with chronic and debilitating back pain of her own and struggling to find relief, Dr. Cassie discovered the benefits of the Pilates rehab approach and decided to make that the focus of her own PT practice. She has earned her STOTT Pilates Rehab Certification and looks forward to completing the Instructor Training program as well. Dr. Cassie enjoys catering to the individual needs of her patients as she works through the discovery and healing processes. Being able to provide a full session of skilled care, performed at the doctorate level, is the main reason Dr. Cassie started her own practice. While Dr. Cassie appreciates her Wyoming roots, she loves Oregon and all it has to offer. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family whether it is fishing on the Rogue, hiking the local trails, working in her garden, or getting into new adventures.


"I love working with a wide range of people and guiding them on their unique path to gain mobility, strength and confidence in their everyday lives."

About Sara Marie

Sara Marie Hamilton is originally from Berkeley, California and received her Bachelor's degree in Women’s and Ethnic Studies at Humboldt State University. After graduation, Sara Marie began studying sustainable agriculture techniques and practice urban farming resulting in debilitating low back pain. Sara Marie became disillusioned with the medical treatments she received and was overwhelmed by the expensive and temporary relief she was receiving. Sara Marie then moved to the Rogue Valley and became a client of Dr. Cassie Diamond. With Dr. Cassie’s help, Sara Marie finally began to understand the source of her own pain and gained the skills to improve the quality of her daily movements. Now she could move and live an extremely active lifestyle and most importantly a pain free one. Inspired to pay it forward, Sara Marie became a Pilates Instructor to educate and empower others to take control of their healing and fitness as well with this powerfully holistic approach. Sara Marie strives to embody the same fundamental principles of intelligent exercise that guide Dr. Cassie in her rehab practice. Sara Marie is skilled in all levels of Pilates small group classes, as well as one-on-ones tailored for those ready to integrate exercise for fitness into their rehab program. Sara Marie skillfully and compassionately supports each client to meet their personal movement and strength goals and teaches the mind-body awareness skills that improve everyday movement to maximize life’s activities. Sara Marie believes that with the services she offers at J-Well, that any person can have an increased quality of life while preventing future injuries.

J-Well Services

1:1 Pilates Rehab
with Dr. Cassie

Personalized and skilled Pilates + Physical Therapy to help you achieve your very best outcomes. Sessions include thorough evaluation and assessment to gain an in depth diagnosis of all of the movements and contributing factors that cause us pain or discomfort.

*Insurance reimbursement may be available

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1:1 Pilates Rehab Prices

  • Initial Evaluation$150

Follow-up Sessions:

1:1 Pilates Exercise

Individualized Pilates sessions allow for hands on attention and care from your skilled Pilates instructor. Sessions include postural analysis, goal setting, and a personalized workout program to meet your unique goals. Recommended for new students to build Pilates knowledge and body awareness.

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1:1 Pilates Exercise Pricing

  • Single Session$60
    5 Sessions$55 Each
    10 Sessions$50 Each

    Duet pricing available upon interest

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Small Group Classes

Enjoy the amazing benefits of Pilates in our intimate studio setting. With classes limited to 4 people, this allows for a focused and effective individualized class. We offer a diverse range of class intensity and pace to meet the needs of our clients as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art STOTT Pilates equipment and routines.

We require a private session(s) prior to small group classes in order to familiarize yourself with principles, equipment, and body awareness to maximize your efforts and results.

Levels of Classes offered:

*Beginner/ Rehab Appropriate- Equipment, props and cueing to maximize your workout while staying in safe parameters for most injuries and conditions. Learn to love movement again.

**Intermediate- Perfect for those who have a solid grasp of the basic principles and looking for more diversity, intensity, and challenge.

***Advanced- Requires high level of coordination and strength throughout a wide range of exercises at an advantaged pace. Great for athletes or those a mature Pilates practice.

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Small Group Class Pricing

Postural Assessment (Complimentary)

J-Well offers all clients and future clients a complimentary digital scan of your current posture and highlights how small deviations are causing your common aches and pains. You will also learn how we are able to undo those postural habits and empower your new alignment.

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